APGOT own trials

APGOT own trials

VIP: Vinorelbine in Relapsed Platinum Resistant or Refractory C5 High Grade Serous, Endometrioid, or Undifferentiated Primary Peritoneum, Fallopian Tube or Ovarian Cancer (NCT03188159) GO TO LINK


MOCCA: A Multicentre Phase II Trial of Durvalumab Versus Physician's Choice Chemotherapy in Recurrent Ovarian Clear Cell Adenocarcinomas (NCT03405454) GO TO LINK


LARA: Trial of Lenvatinib Plus PembrolizumAb in Recurrent Gynecological Clear Cell Adenocarcinomas (LARA) (NCT04699071)GO TO LINK


OPEB: Olaparib Maintenance With Pembrolizumab & Bevacizumab in BRCA Non-mutated Patients With Platinum-sensitive Recurrent Ovarian Cancer (OPEB-01) (NCT04361370)GO TO LINK

Oregovomab: Phase 2 study of oregovomab and PLD in patients resistant to platinum and PARPi


A three-arm randomized phase II study of Dostalimab alone or with bevacizumab versus nonplatinum chemotherapy in recurrent gynecological Clear cell carcinoma: DOVE/ APGOT-ov7


A multicenter phase II randomized trial of durvalumab versus physician's choice chemotherapy in recurrent ovarian clear cell adenocarcinomas, MOCCA.

ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT03899610.GO TO LINK

Detailed study information is available at

PMID: 31576697GO TO LINK

DOI: 10.3802/jgo.2019.30.e112GO TO LINK

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An umbrella study of biomarker-driven targeted therapy in patients with platinum-resistant recurrent ovarian cancer: a Korean Gynecologic Oncology Group study (KGOG 3045), AMBITION.

ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT03699449.GO TO LINK

Detailed study information is available at

PMID: 31671191GO TO LINK

DOI: 10.1093/jjco/hyz085GO TO LINK

A single-arm phase II study of olaparib maintenance with pembrolizumab and bevacizumab in BRCA non-mutated patients with platinum-sensitive recurrent ovarian cancer, OPEB-01 (APGOT OV4).

ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT04361370.GO TO LINK

Detailed study information is available at

PMID: 33559413GO TO LINK

DOI: 10.3802/jgo.2021.32.e31GO TO LINK

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A multicenter phase II trial of lenvatinib plus pembrolizumab in recurrent gynecological clear cell adenocarcinomas, LARA (APGOT OV3).

ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT04699071.GO TO LINK

Detailed study information is available at

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